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Please note: All of our in-person salon services have been paused during COVID-19. We are offering Like What You See and Wig Styling online. View our full list of programs here>. Like What You See and Wig Styling can be located on page 2 of the guide.

Virtual Wig Consultations  

By appointment  

Receive personalized recommendations for wig style, color, fit and care with one of our experts.  

Call 630.654.5110 to schedule an appointment.   

5 Steps to a Virtual Wig Consultation 

1.       Call 630.654.5110 to request a consult 

2.       Send us a picture of yourself and measure your head 

3.       Browse wig options with one of our trained wig fitters  

4.       Receive a wig or gift card to purchase a wig 

5.       Follow up to make sure it’s a good fit 

Brows, Scarves and More!   

October 5  

November 2  

December 1  

2:00 – 4:00 p.m.  

Registration Required  

Gayle Perzek, Catherine McMahon and Alicia Carroll   

Join us for a fun and practical session that teaches you how to create realistic brows and stylish scarf techniques. We also cover makeup tips, skin and body care. This program is offered for participants in active treatment.