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Professional Perk: Networking and Education Series

People impacted by cancer do better and feel better with psychosocial support. As a professional in the field, you want the best outcome for those in your care. Research shows an increased survival rate and better quality of life for people impacted by cancer who receive psychosocial support. Join us to exchange thoughts, connect with fellow professionals from varied disciplines who also serve and support the oncology population, and learn about psychosocial topics from the experts at Wellness House.

Sessions are held on the second Friday. Dates and topics are below; scroll down to register for one or multiple days, or Download flyer >.

8:45 – 9:00 a.m. Check-in and Networking
9:00 – 9:45 a.m. Presentation
9:45 – 10:00 a.m. Q & A and Discussion

1.0 Social Work CEU available for each Professional Perk program.

Before attending a session, please complete our Professional Information Form >. To register for a particular session, please fill out the form below.

For more information, contact Kelli Mitchell at kmitchell@wellnesshouse.org or 630.654.5197.

2022 Series – Register Here

Winter: Death, Dying and Bereavement

January 14 –Coping with Losses
February 11 – Our Presence is Our Greatest Offering
March 11 – Death Café

Spring: Wellness Journey

April 8– Introduction to Pelvic Practices
May 13 – Promoting Healthy Eating Habits in Your Patients
June 10– Mindful Movement

Summer: Professional Development

July 8 Community Building
August 12 – Compassionate Listening
September 9 – Round Table: Best Practices in Psycho-Oncology

Fall: Self-Reflection and Finding Meaning

October 7 – Vicarious Trauma and Compassion Fatigue
November 11 – Taking Care at Work: How to keep going when the going gets tough
December 9 – Meaning-Centered Psychotherapy Model

Course Descriptions

Spring: Wellness Journey

April 8 – Inroduction to Pelvic Practices

Facilitator:  Rachel Kalom, CYT
This discussion will offer a brief overview of pelvic yoga practices, and the benefits of pelvic awareness. We’ll practice some breathing techniques and simple grounding movements, and explore the unique and complex stories held by each of our pelvic spaces. You’ll take away concrete techniques to aid in stress regulation, perfect for your own self-care as well as sharing with others.

May 13 – Promoting Healthy Eating Habits in Your Patients

Facilitator: Madeline Butler-Sanchez, Bilingual Community Oncology Dietitian
Healthy eating habits can have a positive impact during a cancer journey. Whether someone is in active treatment or has completed treatment, education on good nutrition goes a long way. Join us to learn how to help your patients build healthy eating habits to improve their health and general wellbeing.

June 10 – Mindful Movement

Facilitator: Jayden Chipman, ACSM, GEI, CET, Exercise and Stress Management Programs Manager
How do we move mindfully and what does that mean? In this session you will learn what mindful movement is, tips and strategies for moving mindfully, and understand the positive impacts it can have on your life.