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Cancer patients need psychosocial care

You give your patients the best oncology care you can. With advances in medicine, better diagnostic tools, and new research, medical oncology treatment is better than ever.

Wellness House is a complement to oncology treatment. We take a psychosocial approach to patient care, nurturing healing through social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological programs. That way, all a patient’s needs are met, both medical and psychosocial.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) attests psychosocial care can improve quality of life for cancer patients: decreased depression and anxiety, better physical functioning and lessened fatigue, fewer treatment-related symptoms, and better treatment compliance..

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  • Work with us

    Together, we can make a big impact for cancer patients. We look to you — doctors, nurses, social workers, and other healthcare professionals — for guidance, research, and your expert opinion to help shape our psychosocial care programs.

    Most importantly, we look to you for patient referrals. We’re here to support your patients at no charge to them.

    If you’re interested in working together, contact us.

Our programs and services cover it all

  • Information & education

    Patients with a solid foundation of knowledge can respond better to treatment. We offer workshops and sessions with top experts on topics like new treatments, managing side effects, and dealing with cancer. Our library in Hinsdale has additional resources for patients and caregivers.

    “I get answers to the hard questions, the questions no one else wants to talk about.”   Frank

  • Support groups & counseling

    Sharing with people who understand can make a big difference in a patient’s overall outlook on treatment. Here, they can connect with others who understand what they’re going through.

    “Just being with the others in the groups has helped me get through it.”   Ellen

  • Exercise & nutrition

    You know healthful eating and staying active is especially important when you have cancer. Our fitness classes are specifically designed for patients currently going through treatment and post-treatment patients. We host cancer-related nutrition and cooking demonstrations in Hinsdale and other locations in metro Chicago.

    “Wellness House, like yoga, serves the individual. The people I have met at Wellness House have been an inspiration to me.”   Ann, volunteer certified yoga instructor

  • Stress management

    Patients can take a meditation class, express themselves creatively through art, writing, and music, or try additional techniques like Reiki or self-hypnosis.

    “I have learned not to care about the small stuff. I am very flexible and am moving on, living day by day.”   Anna

  • Child & family programs

    Services like family counseling, support groups for teenagers and children who have cancer, bereavement groups for teenagers and children, and parenting groups are offered at Wellness House.

    “At first I felt strange, but I can act like a regular kid here. I fit in here.”   Jaclyn

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  • Find Wellness House

    Our main location is located in Hinsdale, but we host programs all over metro Chicago. We serve patients of 100+ oncologists and 35 different hospitals.

Our fact sheet offers quick and valuable information for you and your cancer patients.

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