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Professional Perk: Networking and Education Series

People impacted by cancer do better and feel better with psychosocial support. As a professional in the field, you want the best outcome for those in your care. Research shows an increased survival rate and better quality of life for people impacted by cancer who receive psychosocial support. Join us to exchange thoughts, connect with other professionals and learn about psychosocial topics from the experts at Wellness House.

Sessions are held on the second Friday. Dates and topics are below; scroll down to register for one or multiple days, or Download flyer >.

8:45 – 9:00 a.m. Check-in and Networking
9:00 – 9:45 a.m. Presentation
9:45 – 10:00 a.m. Q & A

Before attending a session, please complete our Professional Information Form >. To register for a particular session, please fill out the form below.

For more information, contact Kelli Mitchell at kmitchell@wellnesshouse.org or 630.654.5197.

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Cancer and the World We Live In
Cancer through the Life Span
Oncology Wellness
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2021 Series

Oncology Wellness

September 10 – Busting Cancer Nutrition Myths
October 8 – Overcoming Physical Activity Barriers
November 12 – Go-To Interventions
December 10 – Complementary RX:  Laughter, Happiness and Gratitude

September 10 – Busting Cancer Nutrition Myths

Nutrition is an important piece to the cancer journey. Along with empowerment, nutrition can also bring misinformation and misunderstanding, resulting in fear around food. Join us to learn more about the most common nutrition myths around cancer.

October 8 – Overcoming Physical Activity Barriers for Oncology Patients

Research shows that the majority of cancer patients show significant decreases in physical activity levels after a cancer diagnosis. Come join us as we explore the unique barriers and challenges cancer patients face with physical activity, and helpful strategies to overcome them.

November 12 – Go-To Interventions

A cancer diagnosis can be immensely stressful. The use of coping strategies and techniques can empower cancer patients in their pursuit of overall wellness. Join us as we explore various coping strategies that can assist in managing the challenges during the cancer journey.

December 10 – Complementary RX: Laughter, Happiness and Gratitude

Humor isn’t a cure-all, but it sure is powerful! More and more findings are proving that laughter improves our immune systems, lessens depression, relaxes us and even relieves pain. And being grateful isn’t about forcing a feeling of thankfulness or giving ourselves endless pep talks. It’s normal for people impacted by cancer to miss what they may have lost. Still, if they can find something to be grateful for most days, it can boost their mood and help them cope. Join us as we discuss tools to help your patients work laughter into their lives and get good at being grateful.