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Wellness House Summer 2022 Newsletter

    Dear Friends,

    Thoughts of summer often bring to mind images of warm sunshine, sandy beaches, and sailboats gliding across peaceful, glassy waters. For many of us, these thoughts provide a sense of calm and relaxation. And yet, as part of the work we do at Wellness House, we know that the waters are not always calm and relaxing. For those facing cancer, the waves are turbulent and often it feels as if the sailboat is drifting off course and at risk of sinking.

    For many individuals and families, cancer can quickly throw life off course and into uncharted waters. Because the course of cancer is different for each person, Wellness House responds by offering 6 distinct program areas and special events that provide evidence-based tools for individuals, families, and caregivers to navigate the choppy waters that cancer can bring.

    For 7-year-old Lilliana, mentioned on page 4, a glitter bottle created in a Child and Family program represents her turbulent feelings and helps her feel calm when thinking about the loss of her father. “My heart smiled”, said her mother Jolanda, when she saw her daughter was learning to care for herself after creating the feelings bottle in the Wellness House Turtles Group.

    Since 1990, over 46,000 participants just like Lilliana have found tools that provide relief from the emotional and physical effects of cancer. As a supporter of our community, you have been the rudder, the mast, and the sail for thousands of families experiencing the unknowns of cancer. An American poet, Louisa May Alcott said, “I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.” We humbly thank you for joining us on this voyage and mission to help those affected by cancer navigate the toughest waters of a lifetime.