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Third Party Event Guidelines

Wellness House is extremely grateful for the generosity of individuals and organizations that donate resources to sustain its programs. Wellness House strives to perform in the best interest of its participants (persons benefitting from Wellness House programs) when working with donors and third party event organizers.

A third party event is an event or activity that is organized by a “third party,” an individual or business outside of the Wellness House staff. Wellness House has little or no fiduciary responsibility and little or no staff involvement in third-party events.

It should be understood that the event or activity is a “gift” to Wellness House. The success of the event should not be predicated upon Wellness House’s ability to promote the event. Wellness House encourages third party event organizers to disclose and promote how any donations will be used. We are happy to provide you with language about our programs. Any use of the Wellness House logo or name should be pre-approved by Wellness House.

We request that the third party organizer assume responsibility for the success of the event -both in terms of event attendance and event results. Wellness House hosts two major fundraisers in addition to many smaller donor activities each year, and unfortunately does not
have the resources to support third party events.

Wellness House can:

  1. Promote the event in Wellness House by posting an event flyer on a bulletin board. The event flyer must be provided by the third party event hosts.
  2. Promote the event on our website.
  3. Provide tax receipts for donors. Please note that if goods and services are received in exchange for a “donation,” Wellness House cannot issue a tax receipt per IRS regulations. If you have questions about tax deductibility and receipts, please contact Wellness House staff.
  4. As time allows, Wellness House will approve use of Wellness House logo and images, display materials, etc. and may be able to provide guidance on event planning.
  5. Wellness House may be able to provide a staff member, board member or volunteer representative at third party events when requested. However, in the event that Wellness House is unable to secure a representative at your event or activity, this is in no way meant to be a message of ingratitude.
  6. Provide Wellness House brochures and materials to have on display at your event or as you are promoting the event. We can also provide language for you to use about Wellness House in your materials.
  7. Provide our logo to use on promotional materials. Logo use must be approved by Wellness House staff prior to printing/display online.

Wellness House cannot:

  1. Send an e-blast to our constituents to promote your event.
  2. Share our mailing lists. We strive to uphold and respect the privacy of our participants and donors. Therefore, we will never share our mailing lists.
  3. Assist in soliciting donations, handling mailings, attending committee meetings, recruiting attendees, and collecting monies.
  4. Provide Wellness House’s tax‐exemption number for making any purchases related to your event.
  5. Guarantee volunteer, Board Member, or staff attendance at the event.
  6. Provide insurance or liability coverage for the event.

Need more information

For additional information, please contact Liza Larsen, Manager of Special Events and Annual Giving at llarsen@wellnesshouse.org or 630-654-5112.