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Together Again

    We have updated our COVID-related practices at Wellness House

    .Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wellness House has sought feedback from area healthcare providers and followed guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, Illinois Department of Public Health, DuPage County Health Department, and Cook County Department of Public Health. To safeguard our participants, guests, and staff from the coronavirus, Wellness House shifted program delivery to 100% online as of March 20220. One year later, we launched, Coming Together Again, a gradual return to in-person programs. As of May 2023, more than 50% of programs are offered in-person, marking a new phase, Together Again. We aim to reach 75% in-person by the Fall of 2023 and will continue to offer 25% of our programs online   

    After the Illinois mask mandate was lifted in February 2022, Wellness continued to follow the masking protocols of local healthcare providers, requiring masks at Wellness House. As of April 2023 many local healthcare providers have moved to mask optional and so has Wellness House. 

    As we continue to follow the trends of local healthcare providers, masks will be optional at the Wellness House Home of Hope location in Hinsdale starting May 22, 2023. All programs offered at partner locations will follow the mask requirements of each partner facility.  We encourage you to consult your healthcare team if you have questions about your safety when participating in person.  

    As an organization, Wellness House strongly encourages all eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination and booster, after discussing the decision with their healthcare provider.  

    Our ongoing COVID practices ask that participants and Wellness House staff should do the following: 

    • People should stay home if they are not feeling well, whether it is due to COVID or any other communicable illness. 
    • People should stay home if they have knowingly been exposed to COVID until it is confirmed they are negative. 
    • Masks are welcome. Although not required, decisions to wear a mask are respected without question. 

    We encourage you to explore all of the programs we offer, both online and in-person, as you work to find ways to care for yourself. Please know we are here for you every step of the way. 

    Together Again FAQs 

    Q. Will Wellness House continue to offer online programs? 

    A. While many of our participants have benefited greatly from being back in person, we are committed to offering at least 25% of our programs online.  Each program modality is outlined and updated in our Program Guide (see the key on pg. 2 outlined in Choose How you Participate section). As of May 2022, more than 50% of programs are offered in-person at the Home of Hope Hinsdale or partner locations throughout Chicagoland. By fall 2023, we aim to provide 75% in-person and 25% online.  

    Q. What COVID-related safety measures are in place at Wellness House? 

    • High-touch surfaces are cleaned regularly, including the spaces for groups, classes, and individual appointments 
    • Air cleaners in all our group rooms/areas to maximize airflow  
    • Masks are optional, supported, and available for all interested individuals 

    Q. How will you notify participants if they were in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 while at Wellness House? 
    A. If Wellness House learns that someone with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis came in contact with others while at the Wellness House main location in Hinsdale or partner locations, Wellness House will assess the need and, if warranted, contact those who were in direct contact with the diagnosed individual without disclosing identifying information. 

    Q. Do I need to be vaccinated to attend in-person programs? 
    A. As an organization, Wellness House encourages all staff, volunteers, and participants to receive the COVID-19 vaccination and booster after discussing the decision with their healthcare providers.  Wellness House does require staff to be fully vaccinated and does not disclose vaccination status.  At this time, Wellness House is not mandating vaccination for volunteers or participants. 

    Q. How can I make an appointment to meet with a staff person at Wellness House? 
    A. If you would like to schedule an appointment with a Wellness House staff person, please contact the reception desk at 630.323.5150 or contact the staff person you would like to meet with via phone or email.   

    Q. Will Wellness House offer hybrid programs with in-person and online simultaneous participation? 
    A. There are three modalities for participants to engage in programming: online, in-person, and a select number of programs are hybrid.  Each program modality is outlined and updated in our Program Guide (see key on pg. 2 outlined in Choose How you Participate section).