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Partnership Guidelines

Because we believe in living a fulfilling life with cancer, we are dedicated to expanding our geographic footprint to reach more people affected by cancer. We have thoughtfully designed this program initiative to operate through community and medical partnerships, as we endeavor to serve more people by bringing our services to participants who face barriers to receiving services at our main location in Hinsdale.

To insure the best chance of success, we have developed these general criteria for partnership:

  • Engaged and committed “champion” at the partner organization
  • Adequate space, facility and infrastructure to support the delivery of programs
  • Oncology population in need of services
  • Well established communications channels at the partner organization

We approach each potential partner as a unique relationship, understanding that each setting has its own existing resources and challenges. Our role at Wellness House is to complement the strengths that are already in place, simultaneously augmenting access to psychosocial support for those affected by cancer.

To learn more, contact Wellness House Community Relations Manager Kelli Mitchell at 630.654.5197 or kmitchell@wellnesshouse.org.