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May 23, 2018

Wellness House makes a difference in the lives of those with cancer – The Doings

Cancer Support Groups at Wellness House HinsdaleWhat does Wellness House do?

Just in June alone: Nutrition, Breast Cancer Hot Topics, finding Grace in Pediatric Cancer.

Maybe you were one of the 2,800 people who got out early on a Sunday morning to walk in the Walk for Wellness House.

Perhaps you are one of the thousands of people who sponsor some aspect of that walk or any other Wellness House event including the annual black tie gala.

It’s possible that your only connection to the Wellness House is that you pass it on your way to County Line Road or the baseball games at Peirce Park.

Regardless of your relationship or lack of one, Wellness House is a vibrant and busy component of our community, and its June offerings exemplify its purpose. Read More in The Doings >>

By Sara Clarkson, Freelance Columnist
May 23, 2018