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January 14, 2019

Free haircuts help cancer patients gain confidence on their road to recovery – WGN-TV

For nearly 30 years, Wellness House in Hinsdale has provided free health and exercise programs for those battling cancer.

Last month they added one more program to address what’s perhaps the most outward sign of cancer: hair loss. In addition to providing complimentary wigs and wig styling, Wellness House is now offering free haircuts to cancer patients.

“I feel lucky that I’m finally seeing my hair grow back,” Candy Fraser said. “But styling the regrowth can be challenging when it comes back like patchy peach fuzz.”

Jeannie Cella, CEO of Wellness House says it’s an opportunity to help their clients feel more confident and less vulnerable.

“It’s like a billboard saying, ‘I’ve been diagnosed with cancer,’ whether they want others to know or not. So for them to come in here and get that boost that brings back the confidence they once had, is just a tremendous gift,” Cella said.

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By Erin Ivory
January 14, 2019