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Kate Bowler – No Cure for Being Human

Kate Bowler – No Cure for Being Human

Thursday, April 14 | 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Kate Bowler
New York Times Bestselling Author, Duke Professor, Incurable Optimist

In the wake of a sudden stage IV colon cancer diagnosis at the age of 35, Kate Bowler was left asking the question, how do you move forward with a life you didn’t choose?  

Searching for peace with her limitations in a culture that says anything is possible, Kate re-examines the way she was living with unflinching honesty and light-heartedness in her newest book, No Cure for Being Human. Learn how she finds hope, courage, and truth – without the insincere positivity that our world can overwhelm us with – and be inspired to discover a new perspective on the human experience.  

We are as fragile as the day we were born, and we will need each other if we’re going to tell the truth: Life is beautiful and terrible, full of hope and despair and everything in between, but there’s no cure for being human. 

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