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Frequently Asked Questions

I would love to Host a Wellness House Party! Do I purchase the tickets (dinner/canapes) for my guests or do they buy their own tickets?
As a Host, you can choose whether you would like to purchase dinner and/or canapes for your guests, or if you would like to invite them to purchase their own tickets and attend as your guest. If your guests will be purchasing their own tickets, they can enter your name as their “Host” in Step 2 of the ticket purchase process.

How do I receive my food?
Dinner and canapes will be available for curbside pickup from Wellness House (131 N. County Line Rd, Hinsdale, IL) on the afternoon of 10/17/20.

What if I just want to join the livestream program on 10/17?
If you would like to join the celebration but will be managing your own food, select the “House Party Your Way” Option. We will send you instructions for joining the livestream. Only one person per household needs to purchase this option.

Can I make a donation in lieu of attending?
Of course! Donations of any amount can be made at http://WellnessHouse30.givesmart.com – just enter your preferred donation amount, located under the Ticket options on the home page.

My friend has invited me to their House Party. How do I join?
In Step 1 (Tickets), select your food preference and the number of tickets you will be purchasing. In Step 2 (Purchaser Information), enter your billing information, then in the follow-up question, enter the name of your Host.

What if I or my guests have dietary restrictions?
There is a follow-up question in Step 2 (Purchaser Information) which invites you to share dietary restrictions. We will follow up with you regarding the options. Beef or vegetarian entrées are available for the Dinner option.

What about wine?
We’ve got you covered! Like we do every year, we are collecting an assortment of fine wines to be auctioned off for purchase and to enjoy on 10/17/20. Wines will be packaged and available for pickup from Wellness House on 10/17, along with the dinner and canapes (if purchased). Once you have registered for the event at http://WellnessHouse30.givesmart.com you will receive a text message when the wine packages are available for bidding.